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Cameroon is situated on the west coast of Africa with Yaoundé the political capital and Douala as economic capital with the highest population density in the country. Politically Cameroon is relatively stable despite threats from neighboring countries. Two official languages are spoken, French and English as a result of the partition of Cameroon between France and Britain by the United Nations League of Nations mandate during the colonial era.

Cameroon is culturally diverse with more than 275 ethnic groups made up of the Fulani, Bantu and semi Bantu, the Sawa, the Tikars and the Bamilikes which is the dominant group in the country. Each ethnic group has their unique characteristics and traditional beliefs, marriage practices and dialects. The first settlers of the country are called pygmies with the oldest cultures in the world living in the forest and depend solely on hunting.


We offer customized tour packages to all classes of people, not only to tourist travelers but also to locals who are willing to discover the rich touristic attractions in the country. As it is often described; Cameroon is Africa in miniature, so you will discover all of Africa in one country. tourism

With our experienced guides we will take you to visit the

- bakola pygmy settlements of the south region,

-the baka pygmies of the southeast of Cameroon,

-we organize safari trips in the national parks of benoue and waza of north and far north provinces respectively

-picturesque drive through the bamenda ring road with beautiful sceneries and prominent touristic sites such as lake nyos

-historic tours to museums and slave trade routes of bimbia

-hiking tours of mount Cameroon and mount oku etc

-cultural tours during specific periods of the year when particular tribal groups celebrate their annual festivals such as the ngondo festival of the sawa people, the ngouon festival of the bamouns and Abe ni nfor of bafut people of the north west region.

Our packages also includes students on internship who are interested to carry out their research in specific fields in any part of the country, not living out travelers who are interested in community life, we will arrange a host family where you can stay and participate in their day to day activities.


Our travel services range from visa processing and assistance, resident permits and relocation services, car rental, airport shuttle and hotel reservation. Traveling is learning, travelers are not always aware of the realities of where they are traveling to. We provide solid, reliable and cost effective travel solutions as follows:travel2
- Visa processing and assistance: The pre occupation of all travelers is getting a visa, we process visa on arrival (VoA) to all visitors coming to Cameroon. It is important to note that Cameroon does not allow entry to visitors coming without a visa or visa approval letter that must be processed before arrival by a local representative on behalf of the visitor. This service is available to all visitors, diplomats and companies especially oil and gas company workers where time is a critical factor. We also assist for those who will need invitation letters to acquire visas overseas where there is Cameroon representation.

- Relocation services: Relocation services are very important to company workers, diplomats and individuals coming into a country for long stay. Our services range from processing resident permits, home search, rentals, buying and selling of properties on behalf of clients. In order to stay long in a foreign country, there is need for a resident permit to ease the stress of traveling in and out with all the inconveniences that entails. We will handle all the procedures necessary to enable you acquire resident permit in Cameroon within the shortest possible time so as to enable you stay and work comfortably within the duration as you may require. We do home search and rentals for clients depending on your needs, we will provide furnished and non furnished apartments that satisfies your accommodation needs. We manage bookings and handle all the logistics necessary to settle clients in the most secured parts of the country. We equally handle the buying and selling of properties on behalf of companies and individuals in any part of the country where they intend to carry out projects and manufacturing plants. Whenever need arises we will provide an overview of the community facilities to clients to enable clients meet their urgent needs and also provide information on children activities within and out of the city where clients are based and further ongoing support to families while in the Country.

- Car rental / airport shuttle: We offer car rental services needed for movements in different parts of the country. Our vehicles ranges from sedan , 4x4 traveljeeps , bus and mini buses and trucks for projects. We have the expertise to manage your movement plans, with our experienced drivers with good mastery of the terrain, you can count on us to take you to your destination within time schedules and safely. We equally provide vehicles for marriages and events of all kinds. We equally provide airport shuttle to travelers coming from different parts of the world. We are available 24/7 for airport pickup / transfer. We make sure that flight schedules are respected to avoid delays in your travels. Living the country or coming from a long flight you need a convenient ride we are here to compliment your needs.

- Hotel reservation: One of the problems faced by most travelers is getting a convenient room for the night after a long day or distance trip. We have a chain of hotels to careter for your lodging needs ranging from budget hotels, standard and luxurious hotels. We will manage bookings according to your request in the most secured and accessible areas of the country.