Transport and Logistic

transport logisticsTransport and logistics is an integral part of supply chain management as procedures are complete only when goods are delivered to customers at destination on time and good condition. We will ensure transport of equipments, perishable goods, consumables, and fuel to all parts of the country/CEMAC zone. We also execute movements to remote sites where transport facilities are underdeveloped. As part of our hinterland transit operations, we offer flexible transport operations to Central African Republic and Tchad. Here we make use of non-stop approach by making use of two drivers per truck for urgent deliveries. For perishables going to remote sites and long distances, we make use of assisted preservative equipments such as clip-on generators on reefer containers to ensure delivery in good condition. To ensure timely delivery we have a team of qualified technicians to maintain and repair transport equipments who accompany trucks using pick-up escort in long distance deliveries. Amongst this team, there is a contact person responsible to report time to time movements.