Transit to RCA and Chad
Hinterland Transit

transit to rcaAs a 3PL company, we handle consignments destined for Central African Republic and Tchad which are land locked countries depending on the Douala seaport for their shipments. This has led to the development of hinterland transit department in our company to manage the movement of goods to these countries. We provide end to end transit solutions to enable your goods reach its destination with the help of our coordination and monitoring experts present at each stage of the supply chain. Our hinterland operations also involve remote site borders where customs activities are in accessible to users. We are well furnished with the experience to facilitate the movement from the Douala sea port to other CEMAC states efficiently within reasonable transit time.

We are conscious of the life shelf of perishables and the urgent need of materials and equipments in operation sites so we always do our best to accelerate procedures to meet delivery schedules.