We are able to source goods in local and foreign markets, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers for acquiring good. Locally we have a wide range of suppliers of timber and wood products, cocoa and coffee, bananas, petroleum products from our major refinery company (SONARA) not leaving out cotton from neighboring Central African Republic.
In the global market in collaboration with our international network we offer rice from India, Thailand and Vietnam both long grain and perfumed rice at prices you will not find elsewhere. We also have food and beverages from different parts of the world depending on your requirements and location we will supply you. We can also provide lubricants and greases from Dubai and India, here we supply in your brand name and specifications as well as you can buy and distribute in manufacturers brand name for we have a wide and quality product range. We are also in the best place to source and ensure delivery of vehicles both new and used of all marks from Europe and America. Our network of suppliers also includes construction materials from Dubai, elevators from renowned lifting companies, trucks and car parts etc.